Blog Assignment

Education today has evolved in its use of social media in the classroom. It has been accepted widely in classroom as a means to social learning. In addition to social media sites like Facebook. Google and Twitter, has added a significant advantage to online learning and social learning by enhancing student experience and sharing of information. Blogs are also a good way to support social learning.

Training in the workplace can also utilize Blogs to share thoughts, encourage collaboration and social learning by attaching articles and updated information like specific topics of training and compliance

Blogs are online journal or informational website displaying information in
the reverse chronological order. Readers post comments or suggestions and each one is displayed in the order they are posted(Djuraskovic, 2018).

The purpose of this blog named Fashion for Women over 40 is to address the wardrobe for women over 40. They can dress affordably for their work and lifestyle.

Readers are the strong suit of any successful blog so when readers post
negative or rude comments on the Blog they affect the reader they can be viewed as a bully and may be blocked from posting on the site again. As with social media there are advantages and disadvantages to participating in a blog post.

• Can write down your thoughts on anything that interests you
• There are millions of blogs out there on any topic you may be interested inWoman in yellow fashion pexels-photo-1055691

Woman in yellow fashion

• People may leave rude or inappropriate comments
• Whatever you publish is available for everyone to see.

Blogging can be rewarding when you have a readership that enjoys participating
on your blog. However, as a new blogger there are a few best practices to take in
• Write captivating posts that keep readers engages
• Make certain to add images
• Don’t forget to keep your web blog updated with your posts

             Blogs for women dressing over 40 blog posts
This blog actually is updated often and is a reference for all other good blogs on fashion. There is a moderator who makes certain these blogs are still viable.
This blog does not have a moderator, there have not been any posts since 2015. This blog would be a good cite to visit if it were updated with responses as well. I like this blog , however there is more detail in wardrobes.
This blog has posts that are very sporatic, it is unfortunate that there is not much interaction. With more interaction with posts there would be more credibility.
woman in glasses
pexels photo 1055691
portrait of woman in forest
Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography on


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